Business Consultants

We have the knowledge of the technology and the programming experience, but we also know that our customers need more than that. Telia's in-depth knowledge of how to maximize a contact center's potential combined with this technical expertise creates a partner that not only solves your problems, but helps you find the cause of your worries. We can assist in analyzing your company's contact center to give you a better understanding on not only how to solve your problems, but equally important where those problems might be. It is one thing to realise that a contact center is operating inefficiently, it is a completely different matter to actually find the root of the problem.

  • Is the work place inhibiting for the agents efficiency?
  • Do the agents spend too much time searching for information?
  • Are your contact center reports showing you what you what you think they are?
  • Do you have the right tools to run your contact center?
  • Are you deploying your agents inefficiently?
  • Would cross-training solve staffing problems?

    All these questions and more can have an answer.

  • Telia helps your contact center be more effective through integration and development.